Don’t retreat… Reload.

Today’s biggest political story comes from a rather unlikely source: ABC TV’s Dancing With The Stars. Apparently the show – which pits major celebrities against each other in a dance competition where the contestants are rated by a combination of judges’ scores and viewer votes – is some kind of microcosm for American politics. All because the dancer consistently with the lowest judges’ scores – Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol – is saved every week by viewers’ votes.

It’s the lead story from every outlet out there, from OMG to the Wall Street Journal. And the readers’ comments are the most telling of all. Bristol’s upset victories – week after week – are a referendum on President Obama. Somehow… Only Republicans watch the show, so what do you expect?… The judges are prejudiced against her… The show’s not about dancing… And the most intriguing of all, it’s really liberals who keep voting for her to make her mother look bad.

Well, that’s not gonna happen. Momma Bear explained:

Sarah Palin recently talked with People about how ‘Dancing’ has helped her daughter cope with single motherhood and the breakup of her engagement.

“To have her now turn that into dancing, it’s a beautiful picture,” Sarah said. “She’s a happy kid with a good attitude, good perspective, everything’s about thinking positively and exchanging beauty for ashes… She’s putting her life in God’s hands and it’s scriptural, too, where it says, ‘He will turn your mourning into dancing.’ “

Besides, as another commenter said, “Coloreds can’t dance.”

Let me make this as crystal-clear as possible: That’s definitely not my opinion.


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